Don’t get excited this isn’t a blog update, I’m only adding things of extreme worthiness as they come along.

Christmas was brilliant, thanks to family and friends and some of them still writing cards after many years since we last saw them – thanks to you all.

This update is to let you know that the new Iris DeMent album is out and well worth the spend. Her voice has gone up several octaves but it’s still brilliant, well I think so and I’m sure there’s one other person in the world who agrees.

The album – Sing The Delta.

Released last October but I had to wait for Santa to deliver it.

Right now V is away at Mum’s, the boat is parked up out of earshot of anyone else (Barrow-on-Soar) and Iris is belting out at 100+ watts. The speakers are rattling, the wine glass is full and tears are falling.


Next week we’re back to normal. Ipod and headphones are wonderful things aren’t they.

V would like to point out she’s away helping Mum, she hasn’t left home!