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1st Oct. Birstall, (Leics Line)
2nd Oct. Kings Lock, Aylestone
3rd Oct. Kilby Bridge
2nd week Oct. Market Harbro’
3rd week Oct. Harbro’, Debdale, Foxton
1st week Nov. Kilby Bridge
2nd week Nov. Barrow upon Soar
Nov-Dec. Sileby, Barrow, Loughborough, drifting with the winds and tides.

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Wednesday 15th August 2012

It’s time to leave, our summer cruise is over.

With MiL onboard we paid our last visit to Sharpy. V wheeled Mum down the towpath to the old lock to see the river at high tide and I wandered over the hill to see what ships were in.


The weather was perfect for icecreams on the way back.

The only thing left to do was pay our respects to Purton’s hulks, smile and wave for the last time at Saul’s camera and buy up the last tray of sausage rolls at Gloster’s Sainsburys before drawing our summer cruise to a close.

Once Claire and Ter had called in to pick up Mum we plonked ourselves on the wall at Gloucester dock and waved our fists at the seagulls for the last time.

First in the lock at 8 o’clock on Saturday we savoured the distinctive local accents until they opened the gates and discharged us onto the River Severn.

Keeping to a modest 4.5 mph we enjoyed the cruise up river to Worcester, V remarking how the colours along the way had changed since we were here in May. One more push and we made it to Stourport, to the good ol’ Staffs & Worcs canal.

And that’s it, done, adventure over, we’re cruising canals again retracing our steps across the Midlands.

This will be the last Blog for a while. We’d only be taking pictures that appear on a dozen other Blogs and repeating what’s already been written by Bloggers weaving their way to and fro across the waterways.

So we’re hanging up the keyboard, putting up our feet and going quiet for a while.

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