Weekending Monday 6th August 2012

The sun brought out the plastic – big time.

White boats of all sizes zipped to and from Sharpness in bunches of threes and when two bunches met up and hit the swing bridges it was time to pull over and let the blighters go past.

I had to laugh when one old timer in his ancient narrer-boot refused to acknowledge them, let alone pull over.
While he plodded along in the middle the retired captains took things into their own hands and started passing each other and him all at the same time. I know its naughty but I was willing one of the large cruise boats to come round the corner when I took this snap.
plastic alley

Have you noticed that people don’t take snaps any more. That must have ended when things went digital.

Tuesday was nice, we had lunch aboard with friends Dick and Jenny. I say lunch but it was getting dark by the time they left. We had a row of empty bottles (orange juice of course) and more dirty glasses than plates to sort out before bedtime. We had an excellent time.

Back up to Gloster (nowt wrong with that spelling is there?) for the weekend to pick up MiL for her summer cruise. We couldn’t compete with the cruise boat Edward Elgar, she had a sax blowing keyboard-ist singer fella entertaining them all evening. He was very good and it was tempting to join EE’s passengers applauding each number.

I saved someone £60 this week. I was visiting the night-soil deposit when a motorist drove up to Llanthony Lift Bridge and stopped. He was about to start off over the bridge when I beckoned to him to wind down his window.
Where are you going, says I.
Across the bridge, as my Sat-Nav tells me to, says he.
Oh-arrhh, says I, Oi wouldn’t be doing that unless you want to be paying the £60 fine, I continued in my best Gloster accent.
llanthony Bridge

Once the new bridge on St Ann Way came into use they disallowed Llanthony Bridge for the likes of private cars. And apparently the local gov’t makes thousands of pounds out of those of us still following an old version of Tom-Tom.

On Friday we took to the roads and I’m hoping my good turn comes back and saves me a speeding ticket when my exuberance took us a little too smartly through a village north of Shepton Mallet.

It was Barry’s funeral in Corfe Mullen so V and me trundled down to the south coast to catch the service. Terribly sad, he will be missed by a lot of people here and abroad. He had many relatives and friends in Bulgaria. One of life’s good guys, you don’t see many like Barry.

As for us we’re having our last cruise on the Gloster and Sharpness Canal and hoping to catch a couple of sunny days where we can sit around the BBQ. If the wet stuff goes round instead of over then MiL might get a push along the tow path so she can appreciate the countryside with those excellent views of the River Severn.