Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

All’s well on the baby front. Bethan isn’t a screamer, the milk bar opened on time, the nappies and knitted cardigans fitted and Mothercare is doing a roaring trade.

Photos and videos arrive at the boat each day and when I’m not goo-gooing over them I’m supposed to be remembering who I was going to tell about our new grandchild.

When it’s my turn to visit I shall be looking forward to playing against Joe on the Scalextric and model railway.

Boat-wise I’ve been holding the fort while V is away running errands, washing, ironing and cooking (nothing new there, just a change of scenery).

While V enjoys herself I chug up and down the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal stopping at different places depending on how the fancy takes me.
If I don’t get a green light at a particular bridge, which shall remain nameless, then I turn round and go back the way I came, making as much noise and fuss as I can to make my point. It’s likely nobody sees me so I am probably wasting my time.

Boat watching never tires me, there’s always something interesting going by. Sail boats stimulate the imagination and make you want to ask where they’ve been and what they’ve seen of far-away places?

Then there are huge monsters that make you wish you could climb the gangway and tour the insides, listen to the engine and wiggle the wheel.
Just compare sizes with the narrowboat moored in front. Does he ever see the sunshine I wonder.

Next week we should be back to normal, V in the umpire’s chair and me swabbing the decks.
I’ve also got to explain what I’ve been doing for two weeks. Now where did I put that jobs list?