It’s Christmas.
Well we’ve started even if you haven’t.

V’s 59th went off alright. Ter and Claire joined us for a meal in the highly recommended LynRoy carvery on Canal Road. Different. Good food and an ‘open’ atmosphere with no shortage of clients. Tables turned round in seconds and they needed to be, a never ending column of bodies were eager to fill seats.

Carol singing at Kings Church was good, the Mayor of Charnwood was there with Mrs Mayor of course. Hand held candles during the service could have made your eyes water but everyone was well behaved, well nearly everyone, the three girls in front of us made me laugh when their polite coughs accidentally extinguished each other’s flames.

Just as I was thinking we didn’t know anyone we discovered boaters from Pillings Marina. How funny.

The Mayor’s car was parked on double yellows when we got outside, I took a picture but didn’t think it should be posted, in fact I shouldn’t have mentioned it really.

The weather is up and down, a little ice on the canal during the week but that’s gone and we’ve had no snow unlike some parts for the country.

Mike and Jo (Sarah-Kate) popped in to see us during the week and I should thank Mike for the loan of his siphon. Our diesel is clean and clear, no nasties in there, thanks.

We’re entertaining No.1 son on the big day and calling into Kass and Joe’s place at sometime so we’re gallivanting good and proper over the holidays, no need to worry about us.

Can’t see me blogging for a week or so although there will undoubtedly be loads to ‘share’. One will have to wait until the editor has sharpened her pencil.

V’s away with Claire picking up Mum so this post is highly irregular, unchecked and uncensored.

If we don’t bump into you before Sunday have a brilliant Christmas, lots to eat and drink, not too many ducks please, we’re looking forward to seeing lots of little ducklings in the Spring.

Anybody tried moorhen? Gas mark 5?

Merry Christmas