Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th November 2011

Lovely to see Mike and Jo for lunch. Mike and I popped into the Albion for a pint where I asked the landlord if he minded boaters or their visitors using his car park. “Only when they don’t visit the pub” he said. He’s got a very handy car park at the end of the towpath, the only car parking space this side of Bridge Road but getting visitors is giving me a taste for draught beer.

It’s the start of Loughborough’s autumn fun fair, a tradition that goes back to the 13th century apparently.

I swear we saw the same rides at Peterboro’ in September, everything designed to shake your brains out and make girls scream.

How they squeezed everything into the cattle market and adjoining back roads I really don’t know. My sympathies go to those who live above the shops.
Now I know why Specsavers are doing free hearing tests.
luffy fair

Here’s a bit of background for you:-
“Traditionally the ending to the travelling season, Loughborough has a special place in the hearts of the travelling showpeople. Loughborough commences on the second Thursday of November, dating back to a charter granted by Henry III in 1228. The fair was traditionally held on the Market Square, but now covers most of the town with showmen occupying major streets and spaces.”


“According to The World’s Fair reporter writing in 1949: “The People of Loughborough are very proud of their ancient Fair, dating back to the thirteenth century and held in the streets and squares of the town.”

I bet it was a lot different then.

The crowds were divided into three groups, teens and twenties with money to spend, children eating candyfloss and photographers with fancy cameras. We were in the minority being over 50s, with no money to spend, inability to eat candyfloss (clashes with a beard) and no camera that captures moving things at night.

Friday I put up my feet, V left me for Tom Paxton.
Claire and Ter treated V to an evening with TP, in Buxton of all places. Apparently the opera house was packed with OAPs, probably the same ones we saw in Bournemouth watching Charlie Lansborough.

She said it was brilliant. I was happy with a pizza and a bottle of white.

One website for TP says ‘Tom’s songs have a way of sneaking up on you. You find yourself humming them, whistling them, and singing a verse to a friend.”
Blinking annoying isn’t it.

Saturday night
Shouts and screams from the towpath at 1am. “Could have been the whisky, could have been the gin….” Someone was threatening to hit someone, someone did hit someone. More shouts, even louder, right outside the boat.
Funny how no one can stand up straight when they’re arguing but when the word “Police” is shouted they can’t half run fast, and straight.

But I knew “Peace Would Come”.

This week I am mostly genning up on fuel injectors, not for me but for our lad David.
Peugeot 406 V6 injectors, six of them, cost £900, that’s 150 squid for each cylinder to squirt petrol into the engine !!
I did all I could to find cheap injectors on the internet, but spending on new injectors “Was the last thing on my mind.”

Anyone with a spare (new or used) injector for the 1999 V6 coupe please let me know (for engine ES9J4).

We shall have to leave Luffy this week, we’ve done 14 days on these moorings.

We’ve enjoyed our stay but we must get back into cruising mode and “I can’t help but wonder where I’m bound.”