A few more piccies from our journey down to Paddington Basin.

Don’t you just love those extravagant boat mods, there are some wonderful examples on the Grand Union.

I think BW should award a prize for innovation to this owner, like 25% discount on the standard licence for paddle wheels.

There’s no messing about on the lower Grand Union when it comes to prop-clog. This coal boat had most of Primark’s 2010 winter catalogue round his prop.

And here’s my latest discovery, if it hadn’t been for a blown diode I would never have known that if you reverse the protection diodes in the solar panel control box the solar panel acts like a giant LED light (photo-voltaic diode = light emitting diode)
The greenish-blue glow is bright enough to light the trees above so it could be the answer to those late night barbeques or serve as a backup when the tunnel lamp fails.
It looks amazing at night. Why didn’t they tell us about this in the sales brochure?

More later.