Monday 10th to Sunday 16th January 2011

Finally free of the ice we’ve covered a mile in the northerly direction as far as Debdale and a few miles in the easterly direction to Harbro’.

Having just spent a couple of days with cousin Roger and Babs (nb.Megan) on a weekend break we enjoyed a cruise with the worst downpour I’ve ever gone through and almost enjoyed a cruise through 200 anglers on their first match of the season.

During the week a dreaded dentist visit went well, he was behind with his appointments and we were whisked in and out of the chair with nothing but a ‘keep up the good work’. We celebrated by calling in the corner café for an all-day-breakfast, partly as a thank you to Mike (Sarah-Kate) for running us about in his car and partly to celebrate passing the dental MOT.

Other excitements include receiving Ian and Carol (Lily-Pad) for coffee in the week, bumping into Keith and Jo (Hadar), which we were glad of for fuel and blue, and having lots of fun trying to light the fire with anthracite. Anthracite is brilliant once it’s burning and it stays in all through the night but cor, doesn’t it get hot.

It seems we’ve been cheating the public out of pictures of the kids when they came up to stay around Christmas so here’s a few of Kass and David that we took earlier.


Sorry for a hurried Blog but apart from low batteries we’re going to be on the move for the foreseeable future. If all goes well we shall whiz through Kilby Bridge tomorrow on our way to the Soar, which I hear is in flood, oh goody.
Wind and flood, perfect for narrowboats.