Christmas 2010 and New Year

It’s been a lovely Christmas and New Year for us, close enough to family, friends, shops and services to do all we needed to do. Sure, our mooring situation involved a lot of water carrying but we’ve learnt to use less and waste nothing to the extent that where we used to reckon a full water tank would last 10 days we can now double that.

We followed the advice and kept warm and refrained from making unnecessary journeys while the country was covered in snow and ice.

And wasn’t it cold, I’m loathe to take a look in the engine bay but there are no indications that we have lost water from our pipework. We had one day of excitement when the water froze between tank and tap but once that was sorted the problem didn’t return.

I’m reliably informed that Christmas Day was the first that we’ve spent on our own since we got married. I say ‘informed’ because I have no idea where I was last year or the year before so I have to trust V on this one. I have to trust her on any subject involving memory.

Since we could please ourselves we broke with tradition and had duck for Christmas lunch, well what else would you eat on the canals? Someone once made the observation that the duck is the most stupid of birds – one isn’t enough but two is too many. We must have had an exceptionally tubby one because he lasted into Boxing Day

Talking of wildlife we’ve done well for spotting shy animals, even in a walker’s paradise like Foxton. Muntjac pretending to be sheep and rats pretending to be water voles.

V thought she had special powers over sheep when they ran to meet her but the power didn’t last and they turned their backs to show who was in control.

We did the odd bit of travelling over the holiday period. Catching buses or cadging lifts we saw how the other half lived but while it was nice to be reminded of the benefits of houses we were generally glad to be back in our own beds on the ice.

Memorable moments include MiL’s 91st birthday, Tezzer’s 60th, visits by Kass and David, restaurant food and various presents to keep us entertained or warm, both on the inside as well as the outside.

Tez pushed the boat out (no pun intended) at Kilworth House where Mary, Sam and the twins joined us for a truly excellent meal.
kilworth house


MiL has hardly changed in looks or pace since she was 81 although she tends to decline skiing and bungee jumping these days.

Germs, we’ve had a few and after a brief season of runny noses it’s the dreaded cough that’s hard to shake off. We’ve had many discussions about which cough medicine is best, should it be linctus or expectorant? V brought home a bottle that claims to do both. Does that make sense?

Seeing the glacier retreating reminds us that we should think about cruising. Feeling slightly cheated that we couldn’t take up our Christmas moorings in Harbro’ we now have the prospect of tackling a swollen River Soar in order meet our appointment for bottom blacking at Sileby.

Whatever your plans for 2011 we wish you all a very happy New Year and may yours be full of pleasant surprises.