Sunday 5th to Sunday 12th December 2010.

This week we have mostly been frozen, thawed, showered, laundered, visited, fed and entertained.

Can’t complain about the variety, we’ve done well for seeing people and getting out.

Daily exercise comprises emptying one bucket and filling up another. Water has to be fetched for drinking, cooking and washing but we’ve taken a leaf out of another boater’s book by scooping up canal water to flush the loo. This reminds me of life onboard ships where we used sea water to flush the loo, it rotted the pipes but did a good job on the china.

In contrast to the summer months we’ve now got more ice than a gin glass can take and you don’t have to reach too far from the window to get it.

Highlights of the week –

Mike and Jo spoiled us rotten by ripping off our clothes, stuffing them in the washing machine and pushing us under their shower.

Entertainment was a night out at Harborough where juggling and street music amused late night shoppers who wandered the high street scoffing mince pies and mulled wine.

Keith and Jo (Hadar) made up for being stuck in the ice by broadcasting to their clients on Harborough FM.

Paul and Dawn came to see us from Leicester and Claire and Ter took V away to see if I could cope on my own for a couple of days.

Temperatures dived so low that the water pipes in the boat froze and the moorhens set up a stall outside our galley window selling stale bread to wild animals.

BW phoned to say we’d under paid our Gold Licence by £25 and just about everyone we’ve spoken to this week has broken something be it a toaster, car or central heating.

And I thought this was going to be a quiet week.

Solo musician encouraging shoppers to buy houses from the agent behind him.

These guys could only play one way.

If you aren’t cold enough already then why not let the carousel whiz you around at 20mph.

I’ve found something else to make V smile – roasted chestnuts.

Guitarist with style.

Stalls have something for everybody.

Where’s the 12 bore when you need it.

This might be the right place to mention a new blog. Jaqueline is blogging about UK canals from all the way over there in Seattle.
If the English weather reports haven’t put her off then she should make an excellent crew member on a narrowboat. You’ll have to read her Blog to find out more…