Narrowboat Balmaha – Icebound at Foxton

Monday 29th November to Saturday 4th December 2010.

Yes, like everyone else, we’re stuck on the canal and a few more pictures of snow and ice won’t hurt so here we go.

As you may already know, Foxton’s locks are closed for maintenance. If I could see what they were doing I’d tell you.
Foxton locks

The lower basin is silent, not a duck or a swan to be seen, they’ve moved to running water on the side ponds half way up the lock flight.
lower foxtonlocks

It’s just as quiet at the top, no one about but there are signs of animals having walked across the ice.

Visitors !!
Mike and Jo (Sarah Kate) found V in Harborough and brought her back to the boat (but it was too late to stop her spending the money).
Ian and Carol (LilyPad) popped down from Debdale during the week, which was very nice, and V’s sister Claire brought daughter Mary and grandchildren to see us. George and Evie won’t remember the boat but we shall remember them.

We’re on water rations, there’s no certainty we’ll be able to fill up before we run out in 5 or 6 days time. I suppose we could do what they used to do on ships years ago, build a condenser to convert canal water.

At least we’re not starving like the poor little creatures outside. Well, the rabbits may be starving but the moorhens aren’t because they call at the galley window every hour for rations.

They’re tame enough to stand and wait as I remove the window to pass over the food but like everything else round here they run for it when I have a coughing fit.
Yes, Man-Flu is still harassing my poor little body.