Sunday 14th to Sunday 21st November 2010

This week was spent lurking around Kilby Bridge. There’s no point us leaving until the work boats return from maintenance work up Kibworth way.

Monday will stick in mind for a while because V went to see the twins and brought back germs. If it’s true what they say about colds taking 3 days to start, 3 days sick and 3 days to disappear then it fits with V’s visit because Mary, the twins’ mother, was cultivating a nasty one last week and I’m going down with it by Thursday.
Of course mine is worse, man flu always is and it nearly spoilt my weekend with plans to go off-roading.
Our David came up on Friday to stay the weekend and invited me to play with muddy Landrovers during his birthday present treat at Prestwold, near Loughborough.

Everyman Racing provide a really nice atmosphere with rally driving, off-road and fast cars on the old airfield site near Hoton. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mitsu’ Evo, R8, Bentley and Aston Martin and many others were driven by twenties to seventy year olds.


Most of the cars were straight out of ‘Top Gear’ but apart from one drifting at our end of the track it was all a bit un-Jeremy Clarkson.

Off-roading was good, made even more exciting by the recent rains and despite being high off the ground the brown sludge got past the doors into the cab.
Learnt a bit about taking it easy on the bouncy bits, not using brakes and not fighting the steering wheel. Makes me wish I hadn’t sold my Toyota Surf.
It was a good day out and judging by the enormous car park, a popular venue.

Although the flu was bad enough it wasn’t my only concern. I wondered if I would make it to the weekend after stabbing my finger with a scalpel. Blood wouldn’t stop, must have lost pints before I managed to secure a sticking plaster. It looked worse than it was because these plasters are decorated with Disney characters, Black, red and yellow colours aren’t really appropriate on plasters and they tend to attract comments.

Taking a shower was fun. The only way I could think of keeping the plaster dry was to cover it with a party balloon. It worked but my finger went terribly cold after ten minutes.

Winter is round the corner and the boat is generally behaving well, but I think new batteries are in order. Their capacity has dropped noticeably in the 2 years we’ve had them and I am aware that winter’s freezing temperatures will reduce their output even more. Now all we need is the best battery at cheapest price, shouldn’t be too difficult should it.

Our David’s visit coincided with me dabbling again in Tribal Wars. As he’s a much better player than me I’ve been picking up some useful information so watch out World 6 players, I’m coming after you. That reminds me, Graham on nb.Best O’ Mates said he was into TW when we met on the Weaver this year, I wonder if he still is and I wonder if it’s a hobby for other boaters too, but it can be a pain when going on-line with limited battery life.

Bought some more LED lights this week, MR16s from Ultraleds. It said cool-white on the box but they seem very yellow, more like warm-white if you ask me.
Still, they are brighter than the others, as you’d expect at 200mA instead of the 90mA that we were used to.

December is almost on us and the usual question is doing the rounds – what do you want for Christmas? What could I want but peace and quiet, a mooring out of earshot of 999 sirens and cupboards full of turkey, oh and V to spoil me. OK I like gimmicks and electronic games with a challenge. V likes Professor Leyton on the Nintendo but he doesn’t do it for me, I haven’t the patience.

Visitors this week, apart from our lad, included Ian from Lily-Pad and Mike from Sarah-Kate. It was lovely to see them, exchange boat chat and see who is planning what for next year’s cruising. Boat people often reveal little gems about things they’ve discovered that are worth remembering for later. It all goes in, gets stored somewhere in the brain and helps with decisions further down the road. Things like new engines, generator drive belts, inverters, and lighting, it’s all sucked in through the ears and stored on that massive SD Card in the memory compartment.

MiL has been in town. V went to Bristol with her sister to collect her for a whistle stop tour of family around Leicester. This climaxed in a slap-up meal at Ter’s place (steak!!) and as much wine as I needed to suppress my man-flu. I do hope my germs didn’t jump across to anyone but David was complaining of a sore throat by Sunday which is how mine started.

This week we shall mostly stock up on provisions and head off towards Foxton. We shall stop one or two nights on the way down and arrive in time to meet Hadar for a bag or three of coal.

It’s been OK weather while we’ve been stationary at KB but you watch the wind pick up when we head off to Wistow.