Monday 1st to Sunday 7th November 2010

Loughborough to Old Junction Lock, Syston is all we’ve managed this week. Less cruising means more exploring, within the boat that is. The ‘winter’ cupboard has been exposed to daylight, or should I say torchlight and the discovery of damp set the scene for this week’s busy-ness.
V wasn’t terribly enamoured with wet jumpers in poly-bags so the place got ripped apart to find the watery source. The worst case would have been a leaky brown tank but that was fine. After inspection the conclusion has to be condensation, don’t ask me how or why, it wasn’t there in the Spring.

Barrow on Soar brought on serious exercise in the form of a walk to town, actually right through town to the other side, quite remarkable for me.

Upstream of Barrow we found Beryl at home on Wasp at Mountsorrel. We hovered mid stream and chatted as you do, picking up some ‘Join RBOA’ leaflets to put in the hands of not-yet-members (T & P and others, you know who you are).

Sileby Mill boatyard was our next stop and after buying just one bag of Supertherm for £8.50 (20Kg !!) I mentioned once again how I felt about the poor results of our last hull blacking. And I’m glad I did because Alex has offered to do it again using Intertuf instead of Rylard bitumen. Now I feel better, alright it will cost a little, but at least it should take us through another season or possibly two.

It’s funny how you think you’ve got over something unpleasant until you get it sorted and then real relief arrives. Sileby has now come off my no-go list.

Old Junction Lock was quiet over the weekend, even on bonfire night. There were some pops and bangs in the distance but nothing near enough to make us stand on deck to oooh and aaah over.

As for pictures, we’ve got just the one from early this morning (alright, 8 o’clock) looking east.

But if the tele forecast is right then that’s the last we’ll see of blue for a few days.
Forecasting really bad rain means one thing – the River Soar will most likely flood. That means we have to move today, as soon as possible. We should hit Leicester tomorrow in the middle of the worst of the weather but at least we’ll be off the Soar by the time the trees, TVs and three piece suites begin their journey downstream.