Monday 12th to Saturday 17th April 2010.

Dearly beloved we are gathered here together, in the sight of God, to join together this man and this woman.

This week I am mostly writing the Father of the Bride’s speech. I either get it done now or wait until a quiet moment during the Church service. Is there a record for how late you one can leave it before committing thoughts to paper?

I’m supposed to say something nice about the bride and toast the bride and groom. I wondered about a poem, something along the lines of “Here’s a girl that’s got the most, be upstanding for the toast”. There, job done.

You’ll be pleased to know that the suit fitted, nearly everywhere. The waistband was a little tight so we’re undergoing restricted intake this week to sort the problem. It looks like my six-pack is down to a one-pack and has settled in the wrong place.

Partly because time is tight and the T-Mobile’s limit of GPRS in these parts this will be a sampler blog. I’d like to say there will be more next time but nobody wants other people’s wedding photos so I’ll spare you that.

Since Sunday last, we’ve been plodding up and down the Harbro’ Arm and absolutely nothing remarkable has happened. Well that was until V announced a tooth was shedding its outer layer. The filling was alright but the toothy casing had joined her muesli at Wednesday’s breakfast. On the blower, made an appointment, in and out in ten minutes and a small fortune spent. I could have bought two pairs of shoes for that.

Hotel boat pair Duke and Duchess are in town this week. Looking really smart they take on fresh guests and leave tomorrow on Sunday.

While waiting at the services for boats to turn at the terminus who should we see but Cream Cracker.
We first saw this boat at Crick a year ago last October. She was up for sale and I meant to blog about her but instead sent the details to friends Terry and Pam knowing they were on the lookout for something around 60 feet long.
As it happens she was bought by the owners we saw today and if I’d got off my backside a bit sooner we would have had their names to put with their story. By the time we’d had lunch and wandered up the towpath they’d gone but who knows we may get a comment to put us right.

What fabulous weather we have today (Saturday). The newly re-opened Waterfront Bar and Restaurant spilled out onto the pavement astern of the boats and judging by the conversations no one is complaining about the service or prices.
It’s under the same team that manage the Foxton Locks Inn and the menu is similarly priced but descriptions are quite creative. Wild boar, tawny port, truffle, Cleopatra, crevettes in pernod, quails and other things I daren’t print without looking them up first.

I guess you’ve all noticed how the scenery is changing, green replacing brown, flowers popping out all over the place and stinging nettles catching your fingers when you retrieve piling clips.

Ducks have all turned male, moorhens and swans are swimming solo and blackbirds, after they’ve woken everyone at 5am, are going crazy collecting twigs.

Everyone’s gone mad filling roof boxes with summer plants and breaking out their tins of Brasso. I succumbed to scrubbing the horn and tunnel lamp and now neither of them work.

On the gardening front we’re doing well keeping Jo’s potted primrose alive and in flower but I can assure you there are no plans for a garden on the roof. Roofs were designed for sensible things like planks, poles and aerial masts.