Monday 1st to Sunday 7th March 2010.

It’s been a busy ol’ week for this time of the year, we’ve cruised a couple of hours and done Bob-a-Job along the way.

On Monday we lunched with Mike and Jo (Sarah-Kate) and caught up on news. Haven’t seen them for yonks and there was lots to cover including our cruising plans for the summer. More about that later.

There have been a couple of boats on the move despite the cold. Digitalis has been out, so has First Fruits (a new Debdale boat), both boats have been seen hanging around on the end of a shore line like us at MH.

There’s no need to salute us (Richard and Chris) when we pass, we’re not commodores or anything like that.

Then there was Free Spirit who (or which) we last saw at Wistow on our way east from Kilby Bridge. I was struck by Ian and Irene’s photos on their blog, they look so much clearer than ours, maybe it’s something to do with allowable resolution on Blogspot. They seem to know the good spots for fishing too.

Tuesday was moving day for us from our cosy spot outside Harbro’ to Foxton. Breaking ice most of the way we pootled along and arrived at Foxton to find the place almost deserted.

But blinking Foxton road swinging bridge won’t swing, again. Everyone complains about it but this is the worst I’ve known it. Had to use the boat to get it swinging and to keep it going and to get it shut again. This is definitely not a single-hander’s bridge, not in its present state.

At Foxton we were met by Mike off Anastasia, moored up outside Foxton Boat Services. He was after a tow to a boat yard so we jumped at the chance to practise on a brand new boat. Mike had lost his rudder somewhere between the top and bottom lock and needed assistance to get to the wharf. We tied Anastasia alongside and set off for Debbers dodging bridges and catching the occasional shallows.

Got to know Mike a little on the way to Debdale, he’s a nice guy, must have some interesting stories, I can sense it. He also has an excellent taste in wine, I can vouch for that after testing a couple of his bottles. Totally unnecessary but very much appreciated anyway.

Did the diesel thing at Debbers (60p/lire, self declare) and returned to Foxton to sit it out until after the weekend.

Wednesday was Aunty Jean’s 80th birthday. I’ve got fond memories of spending several months with uncle and aunt in their rambling bungalow down south doing all kinds of crazy stuff with my cousins, in particular with Roger (nb.Megan) on Allen scythes, rotovators, diggers and bulldozers. Memories of spreading dung heaps in summer and making the acquaintance of every fly in Hampshire come to mind.

Took the early bus (well, 10 o’clock) to MH for the shops. I almost got measured for a wedding suit but the computer said NO. A hitch somewhere, we’ll have to go back.

Thursday was a lazy day, spent onboard mostly playing that stupid game Tribal Wars. What a time user (waster?). Number one son and brother Ter play it so I thought I’d give it a go but it becomes compulsive after a while and one has to keep logging in to build walls and hiding places and axemen and the like.

Completely different subject – has anyone noticed that ‘they’ turn off the water supply to the elsan flush and wash pipe in the afternoons at the services block next to the car park at Foxton.
It’s a bit annoying when you get there to find someone has splashed up the walls and there’s nowt you can do until the morning by which time it’s turned into concrete. Not the most pleasant of subjects I know but I needed to rant about it. I left a note inside ages ago but it’s still happening and there’s no notice about it or anyone around to ask.

Friday – V went to her Mums with Claire leaving me with one thing on the jobs list – write the blog. Guess which thing didn’t get done.
I wasn’t completely lazy, some wood got varnished, some outside paint scratches received antirust treatment and a whole lot of Tribal Wars village expansion took place before bedtime.

Saturday – was more of Friday, I don’t know where the day went.

Sunday – was just like Saturday only more so.

V came back Sunday afternoon and I felt like the little puppy dog standing next to a puddle in the kitchen. Where’s the blog?