Monday 22nd to Sunday 28th February 2010

Guess where we are, yep, Market Harborough. Actually we’re just out of sight of the basin, we only get two days there and it never seems enough does it.

Why Harbro? Not a lot of places to go until the tunnel landslide at Braunston is finished.

Last night Ter and Claire came round for a bite to eat. When I consider all the times they’ve been to the boat it’s surprising they haven’t seen a kingfisher. All that was put right when Ter spotted the little darling sitting on a fence post on the opposite side of the canal.

V tried to get a picture before he flew away (the bird not Ter) but the light was fading fast and you know how it is, when you don’t have the best shot you have to resort to a little enhancing on the computer.
It’s marvellous what can be done when you adjust the contrast isn’t it.

A couple of nights before that we ate with Derek and Sheila from nb.Clarence. We thought they could use some hints on friendly Thames mooring places so we dinnered at the Union Inn and passed on what we knew of the places you may stop on the Thames without being bothered by ‘Clear-Off’ signs.

We swapped stories, as you do, and the evening whizzed past. We wish them well on their cruising, and cutting their ties to the marina.

This computer will insist on typing marian instead of marina. I don’t have a problem with marinas and as far as I know I don’t have a problem with marian.

Earlier in the week we did a Tesco stop at Black Horse Bridge. All went well, or so I thought, and as it was threatening to rain I set sail while V stocked the cupboards. Dooohh, big mistake, two bags of tinned stuff were missing. Now we’ll have to go without because I can’t turn this thing around for another mile and no van is going to wait for us to arrive at our next port of call– MH.

We stopped at the ‘smelly’ moorings near the glue factory for a night on our way to the end of the Arm and as it was quiet I thought I’d have a look at that online game Tribal Wars that everyone and his dog are playing. I’m sure it’s not my kind of thing but to humour my brother I logged on and started building my village. I discovered I could handle the day to day building stuff through my mobile phone so it only takes a couple of minutes every hour or so to keep it going.
Someone attacked me overnight and carried off a load of wood, clay and iron. I wasn’t happy but hey, I’m not going to get involved with it, it’s just a look-see and not a commitment alright.

At Harbro we met up with Keith and Jo again and caught up with their news. A couple of bags of coal and some blue for the loo was needed so the timing was good. Something else worth noting is Jo’s chocolate cake, it’s really, really nice. Hadar has to be the best coal and cake boat on the canal.

Up until yesterday it had been really cold, not freezing but enough to turn the eye-taps on when cruising. They say it will turn nasty again next week but it’s on the change, I have seen the little birdies pairing up, doing the head bobbing bit and silly dances on the towpath which means spring is just around the corner.

On the project things are going well. I’m currently on the lookout for an industrial centrifuge and some heavy water for a neutron moderator.