18th to 24th January 2010

Ditto, ditto, ditto could have been the Blog this week, nothing has changed.

We’re still at Union Wharf, Market Harborough, attached to the concrete at one end and a floating mooring buoy at the other. Apart from visits to the shops we haven’t left the boat.

Keith and Jo on Hadar had a go at getting through the ice on Monday and gave up at the first serious corner where the ice was too thick for any boat to break. It took them 2 hours to do a 15 minute journey, so what chance had we got of getting through.

But it’s not doing us any good sitting here, we’re turning into marina-ites. We’re forgetting everything we’ve learned. Only the other day V was trying to describe the back of the boat by saying it’s where the wiggly thing sticks up out of the water and I couldn’t remember the names either so I said do you mean where the big handle attaches to the top, the one we waggle from side to side to steer the boat? Yes, she said, what is that called? I don’t know any more, I can’t remember anything, I’m only good for feeding the electricity meter and watching tele.
Sad isn’t it.

However, a week of nice temperatures has done wonders for the canal and we’ve run out of excuses so I guess it’s time for us to go.

We’ve set tomorrow, Monday, as the big day, to empty one tank and fill another, take on gas and read the manual for instructions on how to cruise.

It’s got its risks, because we still have a leaking engine, water comes out from somewhere and part of this cruise is to sort that problem once and for all. The forecast says we’ll get a few rain-free days then ice and snow again. Our aim is to reach south Leicester before the weekend.
Will we make it?