Monday 16th to Sunday 22nd November 2009

Apart from the odd shopping trip and a water top-up we’ve done practically nothing this week and one doesn’t feel the slightest bit guilty.

But where did the week go? Seems you can be just as busy stuck on the canal side as you can cruising.

There were plenty of outdoor things on the list but the weather stopped most of them, nothing taking longer than five minutes was even attempted.

Keith and Jo on Hadar joined us from Union Wharf which was nice and we caught up on Keith’s health developments and talked about boats, as you do, over coffee. Their arrival is also handy for coal deliveries and so we’re running a fire whether we need one or not. Just watch the weather turn cold as the coal runs out.

Talking of which, hasn’t it been funny old weather this week, just like a baby – warm, wet and windy. This has kicked off my new hobby – watching the barometer. It’s been up, up, down, down, up, down, up and that’s just today.

The wind knocked all the seed out of the bird feeder so I took it down again. Just for a change I threw bread scraps under the hedge instead of in the canal, partly because there are no ducks and partly because a tame robin sits on the branch with a pleading look in his eye.

But now that the local dogs have sniffed the secret it’s a full time job keeping the animals happy.
I’ve noticed that some owners are fitting collars and leads in order to get their dogs to pass the boat. The alternative is to stand at the corner shouting for them to hurry up.

V’s gone down her Mum’s with Claire for a day while I’ve slobbed out, eating anything I can find in the fridge and reading electronics magazines left by G8LUV the other day. This means no walkies for me, no exercise and, what’s worse, no photographs, not one.

So, sorry folks, I’ll just have to try better next week.